Getting Surgery Performed Overseas?

If you are researching having any type of elective surgery performed here in the United States then you already know the types of rates these doctors are getting for some of the most basic operations.  For instance, a breast implant surgery in the United States is around $7,000 for a quality surgeon and $10,000 or more for a high quality surgeon that has performed hundreds of operations.  It isn’t the case when you start looking abroad for your surgeons.

One thing to keep in mind when you are thinking about leaving the country to have some work performed is that the doctors you are going to be seeing have trained here in the states, and moved back to their own country to practice their work.  If the doctors aren’t trained in the states, or in a well developed country then you don’t really want to use them, but if they are trained in a developed country then you get the same level of quality work for less of a price tag.

Doctors can afford to charge lower rates abroad than they can in the states because the cost of living is so much lower.  Cost of insurances, owning their practice, and maintaining their education is expensive everywhere.

Getting work performed abroad isn’t necessarily a bad idea.  You can get a vacation and your work performed while still saving a bunch of money at the same time.  Take your time when you’re selecting a doctor, and don’t hesitate to ask questions and then ask more questions.

Health Careers That Pay

Having a career in the health care field means one thing:  You will never be without a job.  Even during the toughest economies, people will get sick and require your services.  If you enjoy helping people, and getting rewarded with a healthy paycheck, consider some of these careers in the health care field.

Registered Nurses

An estimated 700,000 registered nurse jobs are added to the work force every year.  The reason for this growth is due, largely in part, to baby boomers and older generations living much longer than previously recorded.  This large upsurge in patients requires nurses that are trained and ready to do the job.  With an average salary of nearly $65,000 it is easy to see why this is a prime career field.

Dental Hygenists

Want a career that really pays?  Becoming a dental hygenist requires only 2 years of your time in school and will yield you an average salary of $70,000.  The return on investment for helping people continue smiling is hugely rewarding.


People are paying more and more attention to their health, and dietitians play a large role in helping them achieve their goals.  Previously these jobs were thought of as managing patients daily dietary needs, but the sector has grown substantially in the last few years.  Now young people are requiring the same services as older people, because they want to maintain their healthy lifestyle and don’t know where to begin.

Physical Therapy Assistants

Patients suffering from everything ranging from car accidents and work accidents to genetic disorders that require physical therapy need your help.  If you have thought about helping out physical therapists during their practice, you can be rewarded quite substantially as well.  PT assistants average around $60,000 per year and work directly with the doctors above them.

Dr. Oz vs The Doctors – TV Show Showdown

My girlfriend loves watching doctor shows on television.  I told her with the amount of time she has recorded on our DVR she could have gotten a medical degree already, and been well on her way to a PhD.  Regardless, these two shows have a few things that seem to irritate me when I watch them.

The Doctors Are Incredibly Biased

First, and foremost, the doctors are incredibly biased.  Pay attention to what they talk about, and then the advertisements that run or the products that they recommend.  This means that you can’t take anything they say with a grain of salt.  Rather than listening to the products that they recommend, spend time listening to the advice they give.  The advice is usually sound, but you don’t necessarily have to spend the high price tags that come with the products they tell you about.

The Doctors Offer A Large Conflict Of Opinion

With so many people being on one show you are going to get a big conflict of opinions.  When you stop and pay attention to what they are saying, after listening to all 4 or 5 of them talk, you realize that there isn’t much advice that you can take from them.  Because of this, take from what they say what you will and discard the stuff that doesn’t pertain to you.

Both Offer Way Too Much Advice

Both the Doctors and Dr. Oz offer way too much advice.  This comes with the territory, though, I think.  I am constantly telling her that one or the other said the exact opposite thing just a few days before, and all of it is contradictory, but it doesn’t really seem to matter in the end.